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Smart polymers

Since 2016, PolymerExpert has had a cosmetic formulation laboratory to add value to its polymers from internal research and development.

Our rheology modifiers and hydrogels are present in many cosmetic products

Our polymers allow:

  • Improvement of the water resistance of suncare products
  • New galenics
  • Reduction of sedimentation effects of fillers
  • Controlled release of active ingredients, fragrance on the skin surface
  • Increased sun protection index and decreased amount of sunscreens
  • Reverse emulsion stabilization
  • Viscosity controller
Cosmetics ExpertGel
These highly technical, associative, aqueous gelling agents bring exceptional rheological properties to cosmetic formulas. Unique and innovative, the gelling temperature of ExpertGel is easily adjustable and allows a wide range of applications.
EstoGel® Green
EstoGel® Green the new oil gelling agent 100% natural origin and COSMOS approved. EstoGel® Green is a rheology modifier with suspensive and rheofludifying properties that allows to create non brittle, transparent and sprayable gels with a very pleasant sensory touch. The versatility of EstoGel® Green allows the development of various galenics (anhydrous formulas, emulsions, sticks...) for a multitude of applications.
EstoGel M
PolymerExpert has developed EstoGel®, biosourced oil gelling polymers to replace macromolecules of fossil origin. These biosourced polymers are derived from castor oil. These rheological agents allow to obtain transparent oil gels
EstoGel® Max
EstoGel® Max is a natural and high performance oil gelling agent. It allows the formation of structuring anhydrous formulations while maintaining a certain flexibility to optimize their application on the skin. It makes possible to formulate anhydrous formulations over a wide viscosity range, from liquid to solid, with excellent suspensive capacities. Its easy implementation at 85°C and the transparency of the products obtained make this ingredient, among other things, an ideal ally for the formulation of transparent sticks.
OleoFilm Green
Questions about our products?

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Our products are rewarded!

Our unique and innovative raw materials allow us to create new textures and achieve interesting properties. In fact, they have been awarded:

  • 2016, winner of the Innovation Award of SEPAWA (German Cosmetics Industry Association) in Germany;
  • 2017, winner of the Ringier Technology Award in China, recognizing a significant technological contribution to the Chinese market;
  • 2019, by a bronze IN-COSMETICS Awards, in the Innovative Functional Ingredient category.
  • 2021, by a Gold Cosmetiquemag Awards, in the Ingredient category;
  • 2021, gold prize – Ingredients Category – Cosmetiquemag Awards;
  • 2022, 2nd place formulation prize – Cosmet’ Agora;
  • 2022, jury’s special prize – Lipids and cosmetics;
  • 2022, finalist Cosmetic Victories – Cosmetic Valley x Essec – Industrial prize;
  • 2022, finalist In-Cosmetics Global – Functionnal Ingredients;
  • 2022, winner of the Ringier technology innovation Awards 2022 in China;
  • 2023, winner of the Pierre Potier Award
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