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Cosmetic formulation is more than science, it’s goldsmithing. Finding the perfect balance and achieving the perfect texture both visually and sensorially is a constant challenge.
Our collections are designed around a theme or a concept for an immersive experience made possible by the use of our polymers.
We have full confidence in the inspiring potential of these collections, tailor-made to meet the expectations of formulators and consumers.
Discover minimalist formulas than can be easily customized with the perfume, active or colors of your choice.
Let yourself be transported into a world where beauty rhymes with well-being and naturalness with perfomance.

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Get inspired by our hair formulas
Make up
Immerse yourself in a sensory and colorful universe with our orientation formulas
Discover our fragrance formulas
Sun Care
Innovate your development with our solar orientation formulas
Youth and firmness
Skin Care
Develop innovative skincare formulas with our high-performance polymers
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