EstoGel® Green polymer inspired by nature


EstoGel® Green is a new oil gellant, 100% of natural origin and COSMOS approved.

This ingredient is the result of several years of research by PolymerExpert’s R&D team, who were keen to develop an oil gellant that is 100% of natural origin and biosourced, which meets in every respect the current innovation needs and challenges of the cosmetics industry: combining naturalness and technicality. Many markets are looking for alternative solutions to fossil products, eco-designed and possessing equivalent or even better performance.

EstoGel® Green is a rheological agent derived from renewable resources (vegetable oils). Moreover, technically this ingredient offers unique properties: both gelling and rheofluidifying, allows great versatility in terms of textures and visuals and flexibility in its use. The sensory is also an asset of this product.

EstoGel® Green meets the needs of cosmetic formulators for bio-based ingredients that can replace petroleum-based viscosifiers.

EstoGel® Green, combines naturalness and performance to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


EstoGel® Green Properties

EstoGel® Green is a rheology modifier with suspensory and rheofludifying properties that creates non-brittle, transparent, sprayable gels with a very pleasant sensory feel. The versatility of EstoGel® Green allows the development of different galenics (anhydrous formulations, emulsions, sticks…) for a multitude of applications.


Grade of EstoGel® Green

There is one grade in the EstoGel® Green line:

  • EstoGel® Green 40 is a 40% dispersion of EstoGel® Green in Caprilic/Capric Trygliceride.


Implementation of EstoGel® Green

The formulation of EstoGel® is simple. EstoGel® can be introduced with a compatible oil and heated under agitation to 80°C.

EstoGel® Green line information


Filler sedimentation reduction

EstoGel® Green reveals its suspensory power at 1% or more in a formulation. At this rate, the viscosity of the medium is not impacted; however, EstoGel® Green still allows for suspension of polymeric (example: Teflon), mineral (example: pigments, talc), or organic (example: kernel crush) particles.

Thus, thanks to this suspensory effect, sedimentation of many fillers is avoided, even when the formulation is subjected to temperatures in the range of 50°C.


Stabilization of Water in Oil emulsions

Used as an additive in the continuous phase of an emulsion, EstoGel®Green helps improve its stabilization. Indeed, EstoGel® Green will gel the oil and form a network through hydrogen bond interactions, thus trapping the external phase.


Gelling of technical oils

The grade of EstoGel® Green 40, was developed to meet the expectations of the cosmetic field, including easy processing.

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