OleoFilm Green, polymer inspired by nature


OleoFilm Green is a 100% biobased film former.

Our innovative approach involves eco-designing a film-forming polyester from natural origins, utilizing renewable resources. Notably, the resulting material demonstrates a harmonious blend of cohesion and adhesion to the skin, essential for top-tier cosmetics. Achieving this delicate balance involved meticulous selection of building blocks to fine-tune key characteristics (molar mass, crystallinity, surface free energy), in order to optimize the polyester’s resistance to water and oils for versatility across cosmetic applications.

OleoFilm Green meets the increasing demand for high-performance, eco-friendly products, representing a significant stride towards sustainability in the beauty industry. It combines naturalness and performance to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


OleoFilm Green Properties

OleoFilm Green is a film-forming agent with remarkable properties comparable to synthetic polymers: water resistance, anti-transfer, and pigment dispersion. It forms a protective shield with a delightful sensory experience.

The versatility of OleoFilm Green enables the creation of various formulations (anhydrous, emulsions, sticks…) suitable for numerous applications, particularly in sun care and makeup products (lips, eyes, complexion).


Implementation of OleoFilm Green

The formulation of OleoFilm Green is simple. It can be introduced in the oily phase and heated up over the melting point (75°C). It is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients. Also suitable for formulations, both mineral and organics, with a large amount of UV filters.


OleoFilm Green line information


Boosts water resistance

Suitable for both direct or indirect emulsions (W/O or O/W), and with both organic and mineral filters, paving the way for even more natural and high-performing sun care products.

In makeup products, providing waterproof properties that elevate cosmetic formulations.


Enhances anti transfer properties 

Suitable for both emulsions and anhydrous formulations across various makeup products for lips, complexion, and eyes. The adhesion properties have been optimized to maximize pigment adherence to the skin, ensuring long-lasting wear and minimal transfer throughout the day.


Improves pigment dispersion

By creating a uniform and stable matrix for pigment particles, it ensures even distribution, consistent color and prevents settling or clumping, resulting in a smoother finish and better color pay-off.

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100% biobased
Inherently biodegradable
Sustainable alternative to synthetic polymers
Vegan & halal friendly
Easy to process
Light sensory feel
Sun protection
Daily UV cream